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No One’s Inventing Sh*t Anymore

I just left high school a few years ago.it was kinda a hell of a time of my life, because I hated boarding school due to the endless restrictions that came with it: no internet, enclosure as if in a prison, keep your hair short, no girlfriend, damn. Kind of an upgraded prison for minors, only the purpose was solely teaching while the real prison focuses on both teaching and rehabilitation. Lol

Anyway, I was a fan of math and science, particularly physics and chemistry. Occasionally, I’d wonder how come no one is inventing stuff or coming up with better formulas or alternatives of late. All the inventions and discoveries we were learning were from mid 20th century going back.

Is it to mean Newton, Faraday and the likes were 100% right and ultimate? Or everything that needed to be discovered has already been? Or it’s just that the curriculum is so static nothing new is being added?

The latter might be the case. But I still have other concerns. In the current world, majority of the big companies, great inventions and improvements were made by people who dropped out of school early or had little interest in school, or ridiculously, were chased away. Think of Einstein, Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison and most recently from Africa, Sangulani Chikumbutso!

Those are the few I know. I bet you know some more. Looking at these news, I can conclude that educations is more or less suppressing our abilities to be creative and innovative, which is what the brain is naturally made to be. Some forms of education actually encourage innovation but they certainly aren’t mainstream and few people engage in them, e.g. self-education.

What do you think?


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