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The Nigerian Professors and The Plane

This is a story.

The president of a Nigerian University sent air tickets to all the professors of the department of engineering, mechanics, and IT for a trip to Cape Verde, all expenses covered by the university.

They were 103 in total and checked in a flamboyant new plane parked near a big hangar.

A few minutes before the takeoff the captain announced: ‘ladies and gentlemen, “This is your captain Buhari Abacha speaking. Welcome aboard this new plane made by the students of the University of Kaduna. We will take off in 15 minutes…”

The captain did not finish his announcement before the professors started running out of the plane pushing each other, some falling, some wounded, some in severe commotion.

In a split second the plane was empty, the professors all out protesting furiously, afraid for their lives.

However, one professor kept his seat, calmly, unimpressed.

The president of the university went out of the cockpit and questioned the remaining professor.

“Why didn’t you run out like other professors?”

“Nothing to be afraid of. If this plane is made by our students, it won’t fly. Why be afraid.”

Most of our universities are pretending to teach, pretending to do research. They are mostly babysitting our grown-ups, feeding them theories they barely understand themselves.

Credits: Mawuna Koutonin


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