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The Student With A Pinch Of Salt

In 2017, I was doing my last secondary school exam. I was very happy that finally, I was done with both primary and secondary school and I was now going into the world.

Just before parting ways with classmates, I remember one afternoon we had a heated argument about colonialism helping Africa or destroying it. I was for ‘yes colonialism harmed Africa but the positive impact it had was greater than the negative impact, like they brought us education, machine, clothes and everything else’. Some more were arguing that it would have been better if we hadn’t been colonized, but were clueless when I asked them if Africans wouldn’t be more savage and behind than the rest of the world.

Well, I was stupid then, frankly. Thanks to a well revised brainwashing curriculum. Lucky me I have a curious and intelligent mind that is always eager to learn. They say curiosity killed the cat but I ain’t a cat.

After school, I was more free to venture into self-education and gradually I found my way into the little-explored world of African history. I was wowed at how much school hadn’t taught me, or rather hidden from me.

The Hidden Treasure in Egypt!

The peak of this bewilderment was the pyramids. I knew they were wonders of the world all along but had given little thought to it. After all, the society has trained us to view Egypt as evil: they supposedly enslaved Israelites and the Illuminati symbolism heavily borrows from Egypt. After reading some facts about the pyramids, I was utterly amazed. So the pyramids were built 12 thousand years ago, before Isaac Newton or Pythagoras was born, and they were built of blocks as heavy as 4 tons, lifted more than 300 meters above the ground without cranes, and the temperature inside the pyramids is a constant 20 degree Celsius which is also the average temperature of the earth, and the whole structure is perfectly aligned to the dimensions of the earth! How now? How did they achieve all this without newton’s laws of motion or Pythagoras theorem, add to it that right now those structures can’t be replicated. For example, we will need coolers and heaters to maintain the temperature of a building constant. For more bewilderment about the pyramids, click here. Just take caution you don’t faint once the facts get overwhelming.

From then on, I’ve doubted much of what I was taught in school, not only history but math and physics and chemistry too. Why shouldn’t I think that these inventions we are taught as having come from Europe were indeed from Egypt? Why don’t they teach us the knowledge the Egyptians used to build their structures which are really better than ours today?

Even now, I am a student of architecture in a university in Kenya, and I take much of what is taught with a pinch of salt, you know, just to conform.


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