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The Biggest Trap No One Warns You About

No one loves a trap. Absolutely no one. Not a thief, not a rat. We all hate traps and on top of that, we are afraid of them too. Once someone warns us of some trap or danger ahead, we pull out our antennae, open our eyes wider and develop a reflex response that is extremely high, like that of the antelope below.

But what if we do not know of the trap ahead, no one warns us, no sign, just nothing?

It’s almost obvious. We will fall into the trap, probably unknowingly, and worse, you will remain in the trap anguishing, probably unknowingly too. What’s worse is that you may live an entire life in the trap thinking that it’s part of life.

You may never crawl out of it.

This trap is called ‘average’. And as you can guess, it has trapped millions of people. You can also call it the rat race, as I heard Rich Dad Poor Dad calling it. It nets everyone into believing and doing what everyone else is doing, or in other words, seeking conformity.

It might not seem like a trap because it’s ‘normality’, but it really is a trap.

Since we were born, few people in our lives warn us about this trap. When they do, they just warn us of one category of the trap and direct us into another category. They say: work hard in school so you can get a good job and not be like everyone else. Or something close to that.

Even though they encourage us to be better than everyone else or be unique, you’ll find out that they too are playing the cards average. In simpler terms, they are advising you to work harder and remove yourself from the tail and middle parts of the rat race to the front of the same race. You still end up in the rat race. Unfortunately this race never ends, so you’ll keep racing as long as you live, or if you are smart, until you set yourself apart from the rats.

Be a revolutionary!

This is the only way out. You have to revolutionize a lot of things including how you see life, how you do things and how you think.

Kiyosaki notes that the biggest chains that hold us within the net of the average are fear and ignorance.

“Knowledge is what can separate you from the pack. It can take you as high as you want to go if you put it into action. Expand your knowledge and wisdom every day.” Pascha Kelley Click To Tweet

In as much as we are schooled or learned, our education systems and homes and society lack some very essential pieces of information. Take for example financial education.

We spend most of the time in school learning to make money but are hardly taught how to manage the money. Click To Tweet

This well explains the reasons most of us are in financial crisis almost all of the time.

Educate yourself. Don’t let anyone capitalize on your ignorance. Click To Tweet

The next most crucial step you have to take is overcome fear.

Most of our lives we live through fear. Take for example school. As a student you fear failing. This is one of the worst forms of fears instilled in us because life is a bundle of failures. You can’t get to success except through failure.

What you fear ends up becoming your master. Click To Tweet

Then there is the fear coming from the society. This fear controls us to only do what is deemed to be right or normal. We fear the opinions of others and this keeps us from getting even a bit extra ordinary with our lives. The worst scenario is when your fear of others’ opinions comes from your parents. You feel you have to do what they want or suggest you do.

“Fear of other people’s opinions makes you a slave to those people.” Click To Tweet

To overcome all this fear, you have to become a revolutionary.

Read books no one else is reading, do things no one else is doing and most importantly, embrace change.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” Raina Talks Click To Tweet

Make sure you are also not trapped into small thinking.



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