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Are You Smart? To Hell With You

In this short life of mine, I’ve come to realize that this world favors mainly two types of people: the Europeans and the ‘normal-minded’ or average thinkers. For the Europeans, it because they colonized almost everyone else and continue to colonize almost everything now, e.g. the media. In simple terms, they appear as the self-appointed masters in this world and everyone else is sort of a subject, but that’s a story for another day.

The story for today is about the geniuses or the intellectuals.

You see, the society tends to love smart people. Take note of the word tend, because it’s very important in that statement.

But if you come to think of it, few people actually love smart people. They will only love you to the extent that your ‘smartness’ is proportional, or should I say something they can relate to, something that isn’t even half rocket science. Like if you are bright in class, you are the ‘A’ guy: or you are smartest in chess at home. In these cases, you will be a pal to everyone (maybe because you appall them), and they will praise you.

But try being a 21st century Plato or Einstein. Damn, you on your own. No one will want to listen to your ‘intelligence’ or give half a hoot about it.

In school, you will have few friends and the worst thing is you will probably have no chances with a boyfriend/girlfriend. If you get a chance, the ship of the relation may always be on the rocks (not rocking).  That’s sorry. But few lucky ones, very lucky, get lucky again to find a partner who is compatible with them.

At home, everyone will be looking at you with those eyes

except your mom. Perhaps it’s because everyone doesn’t understand intellectuals, or the programming we receive as kids and even adults is too much that freethinkers seem to be just out of sync.

As a 21st century Einstein you will want to build a rocket to Neptune and all you will get is a kick to send you flying out the window. You will want to explain why blah blah blah works like this and not like that and everyone will walk out the door. Poor you: it’s either you are out of the room when everyone else is in or you are in alone when everyone else is out.

Anyway, do your thing and figure out the way through. Intellectuals are blessed not only with challenges but also ingenious tactics to solve them. At the least, intellectuals are destined to be the greats, I can say.

Look at Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla and others. So if you are going through hell, keep going.

By the way, come to think of it, who would enjoy reading a story of a hero whose life was all paradise? Like a Spiderman whose sole role in the whole movie is to throw webs at chaps going shopping and kids riding bike? It gets boring. We need you to go through all that shit so that when you become successful, we can have someone to look up to for encouragement. There are more people going through hell in this world than are going through paradise, so in the meantime be preparing stories, quotes etc. to tell us when you get the stage at TedX or where ever.

At that time, when you get the mic, no one will walk out the door. In fact, more will come in!



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