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Why I Created The Afrodite

“If knowledge is power, learning is your superpower.” — Jim Kwik Click To Tweet

One of the most precious pieces pieces of advice I’ve come across is to keep learning because life never stops teaching. I live by it and try to share as much as possible with others what I learn. From books, from people, from events, from experience and even from the universe. Of course, learning is limited to individual experiences in some cases, but whatever it is, there is always a lesson or two to share.

A sad realization I’ve come across is that for most people, learning tends to end in school in the classroom, or church or whatever institution. By institution, I mean media, famous people and their quotes or authority. In simple terms, people become selective in what they perceive as a source of learning. If you pay attention, everyone has something to teach you. And what I learn, I want to share with you.

But then, there arises the problem of cognitive dissonance and ‘too-bright-light-to-see’.

Cognitive dissonance is because once you start learning, you acquire a wealth of knowledge that is commonly unavailable. You want to share this knowledge with people but more often than not, this knowledge contradicts or doesn’t align with what is ‘common knowledge’. And most people will not want their beliefs challenged or their ignorance exposed.

Most people are not just comfortable in their ignorance, but hostile to anyone who points it out. Click To Tweet

‘Too-bright-light-to-see’ is something even I myself find difficult to understand very well. You realize people tend to be knowledge-averse or solution-averse or success-averse.

Paulo Coelho in his famous book The Alchemist also talks about this syndrome.

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Again, because of this, I end up in such a situation where I have a lot to say but few people to talk to, and even fewer who can listen. So i created The Afrodite to reach more ears and eyes, even if the total number of those eyes will be an odd number because some may only be looking with one eye.

With this blog, I also want to share opinions, ideas and anything else I may deem important to you. Ideas to improve our lives, our health, our minds, our families, our societies, Africa, and the world at large. You realize the world runs on ideas. Everything started as an idea: from the government, to school and businesses.

I intend this platform to be a two way mode sort of transfer both of us gain from each other, more so as a community.

Good teachers also learn from those they teach. Click To Tweet

With this approach, I hope to reach as many people as possible, game changers and world c hangers alike.


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