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Professor Albert Einstein

Has it ever crossed your mind that Albert Einstein, one of the greatest Scientists and philosophers of the last century was neither a professor nor a doctor of education. Neither was Bob Marley, or Malcolm X or even Plato and Socrates.

Actually for the old philosophers, there were no schools in their times.

So where did they get their ideas, philosophies and marvelous education from?

Life. It’s a story of their lives.

They lived as students of life, drawing their lessons from their environment. By observing people, events, trends and nature, they were able to understand life better than most of the others. Gradually they became influential to the people around them.

In my view,everyone can and should become a student of life. As long as you live it,you should learn from it.

A child is always eager and ready to learn from those around him, from his parents, animals, how things work and so much more. However, once the kid is introduced to school, church, media and other institutions, their learning becomes diverted from life to teachers at school, parents and some other authorities.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no standard measure for level of learning one has acquired from life. There are no certificates or diplomas or degrees. This is because everyone has their own unique life with varying experiences and destinations.

Also, the school of life is endless, or rather, it ends the day your life ends, so there’s no specific time in your life when you will have attained enough education from it.

I think whoever said that the world is a cycle might have forgotten to add that ‘therefore keep learning ‘. Because if you interact with someone or something today and there’s a likelihood of interacting with the same person or situation in the future, why not learn as much as you can from the current so that in future you will be better when a similar situation appears?



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