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What I Learned From Attending Kenya5P Event

This Friday I attended Kenya’s Exhibition for Plastic, Petrochemicals, Printing, Packaging and Paper Industries Products and Technologies. (Kenya5P)
It was an event organised by some Egyptian companies in partnership with some organisers from Kenya. The main aim of the event was to showcase some products and services from Egypt in an attempt to expand and serve more market.
It was a nice experience and being me, I was keen to learn whatever I could from the event.
Here’s it.
1. Africa Can!
The products exhibited there were of very high quality, at least for the ones I could be able to tell. For example, the electronic products, I didn’t expect Africans could have made those already. There was also stationery, glassware, which beat the china made items that have flooded our homes and markets, all at affordable prices.
If Egypt could create such products and sell to other African countries and outside, what is stopping the other African countries from doing the same, or even better?
We are clearly the authors of our own misfortunes. If we want, we will.
2. There are very many opportunities
As I noted earlier, the Egyptian companies were looking to serve more markets, that’s why they were in Kenya. Precisely, they needed partners or rather investors to work with. If you can open and operate a branch or outlet for their products, that’s an opportunity for you.
There are also many other opportunities to be exploited if you look at the whole scheme of things, and if you consider and imagine other possibilities.
This is Africa, the land of unexploited opportunities; the land of untapped potential!
3. Exposure
I am glad I attended the event. I needed it. It exposed me to a lot of opportunities. It expanded my imagination.
To best exploit and maximise opportunities, you need to be outgoing and expose yourself to as many industries and people as possible.
Go to events, exhibitions or wherever you can get yourself to.
You could land deals!
4. Africans are missing in action
I need to note this down; I can’t skip it.
The event was not heavily attended, maybe because there was little time to spread the word, but all the same, those with ears on the ground found out about it and came. I noticed there were many Indians at the event, like 45% of the people. Considering that this is Kenya, that fraction is big. In fact, one of the companies had gotten two willing partners, both of whom were Indians!
That’s how foreigners, particularly Asians, come, see and conquer the economy of Kenya, and generally Africa.

Proudly African