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Lessons from reading Making Africa Work Through The Power of Innovative Volunteerism

The author of the book, Mr. Richard Munang is a PhD holder in environmental change and policy
from Nottingham University. He has also been awarded an Executive Education Certificate having
undertaken Harvard University’s Executive Programme in Climate Change and Energy Policy
Making for the Long Term at the Kennedy School.

In this book, he takes us through the existential crisis of climate change, particularly in Africa.
The book begins with a personal story of the author, being born in Cameroon, the struggle through
primary and secondary school education and finally going abroad for further studies. This part
highlights especially the thirst and pursuit of knowledge and education, the fundamental principle
behind what he is today.
It’s said that knowledge is power, and knowledge is transformation.

Being a bright and focused African from an agricultural based family and village, Mr. Munang
was quick to notice the encroaching devastating effects of climate change and erratic weather on
agriculture, the backbone sector for Africa, and inevitably on food Security.
It is from there that he devoted to researching the issue and crafting practical solutions to solve the
problem of climate change.

Mr. Munang has taken it upon himself to ensure the realisation of Africa’s potential for the benefit
of many. This book is one of those efforts. In the succeeding chapters, the book reveals the biggest
challenges for Africa, giving relatable events, and solutions for each. In a promising way, he also
showcases the numerous opportunities underlying the challenges and how the youth can harness
these opportunities to create wealth and jobs while working towards an efficient Africa.

The Concept of Innovative Volunteerism

New as it may sound, it’s really easy to understand and implement.
It is a prudent approach of engaging the entirety of Africa’s human capital in its diversity towards
a shared goal of maximising the productivity of the continent’s catalytic sectors-skills, talents,
experiences, networks and initiatives of diverse complementary stakeholders are engaged in
mutual partnerships that meet the respective business organisational interests of those actors but
converge towards a common goal of establishing sustainable industrialization of the agricultural
sector powered by clean energy.
This book is a call for all of us especially the youth of Africa to rise up to not only maximise on
the potential of this continent, but to also ward off the overlooking monster of climate change. It is
a real effort of investing in human capital, for those who read it-which I think should be every
concerned African worth his/her salt.

Notable quotations from the book.

Each adversity carries with it the seed of equal or greater benefit. Click To Tweet
Time and opportunity happen to all of us; what makes the difference is execution of a plan of action. Click To Tweet
A rising Africa cannot succumb to the purported challenges. That's against its nature. Click To Tweet
It would indeed take the effort of all of us to come up with solutions to solve the climate change issue, since it affects us all. Click To Tweet
Dr. Richard Munang is currently based in Kenya. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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