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No. Kids Aren’t Weird

According to my school of thought, people who are considered crazy, weird, or having kind of ‘abnormal’ tendencies and behavior by the ‘normal’ people are not that. They are not weird. They are not crazy or abnormal in any way. On the contrary, they are the ‘real’ people, the ones who kept the true human nature from childhood.
They failed or rather found it hard and uncomfortable to conform to absorb into the ‘norms’ of the society.
You see, the society of today is more like a school, with set rules, boundaries of thought and action ad even boundaries of expectations. In fact, it is more like a maze. A maze for rats. ‘Prison’ would also describe it quite well.
When we are born, this maze is not apparent or applicable to us. We are free beings, with freedom of action, freedom of speech and most importantly, and I insist most importantly, freedom of thought. As we start getting introduced to school, religion and such institutions, boundaries start to get drawn in our minds. As we lean language, listen to our elders, read, and get to ‘understand’ things, we become aware of the limits herein.
And many mold their minds and character to fit what gets regarded as normal.
The ‘crazy’ however, just decide to maintain their ‘childlike’ nature, probably unknowingly, and remain free, adventurous in thought and action and be themselves.
For the simple reason that they are few, they are now regarded as crazy and weird.
No. Kids aren’t weird.

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