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The Science Of Getting Rich


When you look at most of the richest people on earth,(not including those who are not evaluated, like pope and queen – they are filthy rich but mentioning their ‘sources’ would raise huge concerns. Plus there are a few drug lords and oil well ‘owners’. Today the tale isn’t about them, we all can’t be Queens or own an oil well in our backyard) they seem to have something in common. They have built companies that have exploded the market and captured a lot of users. Look at Facebook, Bloomberg, Amazon and the likes. They have a wide base of users. That’s the recipe for getting rich, and I’ll try to break it down.

The world is full of problems, some small, some big. Some affecting us individually, others affecting us collectively eg they affect corporations, institutions or villages. Some are regional others are global. People are always willing to pay for innovative solutions to their problems. And that’s how people get rich, legitimately.

You see, people are always encountering problems, but few of them will think of it being an opportunity to make money. Few try searching or thinking about the solution. According to a book I was reading, “There is always a chance to do this(get rich) (brackets and contents mine) because the large majority of people do not think and, therefore, leave the field wide open for those who have something new with which to please the public.”


Other times, it’s not just problems, it’s about better utility, efficiency and maybe fun. There may be really no problem but once you present a new item, people create utility for it. For instance, I don’t think Twitter was really solving any particular problem. By the time it was coming, people could already connect on the Internet, share pics, vids, links and news. But when it landed, people created utility for it as soon as they heard about it.


And that’s the science of getting rich.

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