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Understanding Being Misunderstood


I hate being misunderstood, especially by those who are close to me, ie friends, family. Maybe you too. You are trying to put a point across but there seems to be no bridge to get it there. You try with all your effort, involving even facial expressions and hands and body movements to make someone see your point, but all they see is your facial expressions and gestures. Finally you drop your hands and close your eyes and breathe in a deep one. It’s a big frustration.


But let me tell you something I’ve noticed. It doesn’t have to be that way all the time. It’s said there are two ways to be happy; change the situation or change your attitude towards it. You don’t have to always frown that you are being misunderstood, at least after understanding a little bit of ‘being misunderstood’.


You see, sometimes, it will always be you who sees the point, you alone. I have seen in some movies whereby a ghost appears, but that ghost is only visible to one person. Others can’t see it, they just wonder what the hell the ghost seer is frightened about..

Now, your point can be like that ghost. Let me call it a ghostpoint, and you are the ghost seer, or rather ghostpoint seer. What you have to do in this situation is deal with the ghostpoint yourself. Others won’t help you, they see nothing.


Fortunately, I’ve observed that often times when we get misunderstood, it’s because we see too far,far wide, or just under the nose – you know, that which is not commonly visible.

What we are seeing is probably a great solution to a problem, a great idea, a great way to do something or just something else that’s great. These secluded points, ideas etc are not always obvious or visible to others. If they were, I can only imagine how it could be.

Now once you see, you may have trouble getting others to see it too. Take for instance Alibaba and its founder Jack Ma. The whole idea was a great one, it would have seemed obvious to everyone that it will be a big win. But even so, had Jack displayed the idea up-for-grabs for all-and-sundry to implement, there’s a huge possibility that some could not see a win anywhere, and even those who took it wouldn’t have scored highly as Jack. Assuming Jack scored 100% with the Alibaba we have today, those who would have subsituted him might have scored 30% or 60. Only Jack had the vision to see where Alibaba was to go and implement it 100%. It’s like a code in the DNA – only found in that person.

(one great trait of an entrepreneur is being able to hold onto a vision and acting on it even when you are the only one seeing it)

Of course, there are those who could have seen the idea as a bigger win and implement it more than Jack, and hit 150 or even 300%, but usually those are the fewer ones. Majority don’t always see.

Even the idea of PayPal before it became a company was voted as one of the worst ideas. The founder, the ghostpoint seer, was clearly misunderstood.

Where is PayPal now?


My point is, being misunderstood may not after all be something to worry and cry about. Myself, I hate being misunderstood, but at the same time, it’s a good sign. Sometimes.


Now, next time you are trying to put yourself across and you are not getting anywhere (pun intended), instead of just saying aargh and banging the desk, maybe you should smile and click your fingers.

It’s an awkward reaction though.



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