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The truth about the truth

Truth and lies are things that confront us almost on a daily basis – kids lying about eating sugar, girls lying that they are sick to get money from boyfriends, and men telling the truth that they are not cheating. (forgive me if I’m biased). But few get to think of the reality and nature of truth deeply, deeply enough to discover what I am about to spill below. Consequently, they don’t align themselves, think, say or do in reference to truth – which I think is very important.
Why? Here’s why.
It’s said that the truth will set you free. There’s no doubt about that. Well, maybe there is… In fact that’s why I have decided to write this article, to prove that the truth will surely set you free.
Whoever said that statement (about truth setting so and so free) seems to have forgotten to add after it that ‘but first it will piss you off’. (I hope that it’s not confusing).

Maybe it was a judge telling a defendant, so it didn’t occur to him that the truth from the defendant could actually piss the defendant off. I think that’s a bad example, looking at the times we are living in – it would be futile for a judge or magistrate to urge a defendant (or complainant) to say the truth in a court of law. Of course some say the truth, the problem is whether it sets them free or not.
Anyway, sorry for digressing.
A more realistic example of someone who might have said ‘the truth will set you free’ but forgot to say ‘but first it will piss you off’ is a doctor saying it to a patient, a patient of syphillis or gonorrhoea for that matter.
My point is that nowadays, society has become so fake that the truth actually bothers people. It pisses everyone off. People still say the truth will set you free, but it’s just a word of mouth, nothing practical.

What happens more often than not is that people tend to divert from or avoid a truth that is not so pleasant and beautiful. Presumably, this happens subconsciously – suppressing facts when they are ugly to you, insisting on getting the facts when they seem beautiful to you but ugly to the person you are ‘digging’.
But here’s the truth about the truth: It is the only thing that brings and guarantees balance and harmony. Whether it’s beautiful or ugly, that’s the fact.
Truth is always fighting and emerging when it has been suppressed. Truth is simple. And truth is the most stable foundation. Something built on truth will never fall, come what may. The converse is also true – something built on a lie will fall, sooner or later.
Science (real science for that matter), is based on truth.
Is there a possibility that physics is lies? Would we be able to build a house or a car using laws of physics and principles that are not factual?
And so must we do things scientifically, if we want them to help us and last. Most importantly is the aspect of problems and truth. Problems are a constant thing, they will never end. Actually life would get boring if they ended. The problem with problems is that now some problems seem to last, they don’t go away despite numerous attempts to solve them.
It’s my firm belief that problems become unsolvable because of the tendency to divert from facts, whether consciously or subconsciously.
If you want to be successful, you must do one thing – never lie to yourself!
This applies to individuals, couples, families, communities, countries all the way upto the whole globe.
We can’t find solutions if we are factphobic, if we are unscientific.
Parting shot: Seek the truth, I will find you there!

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